"To provide business professionals access to the downtown Tucson business community. We all share in the idea that soulful music and good food unites us."

We use this unity to create business and social relationships while creating opportunities for commerce in a contemporary urban industrial environment.


SMBN produces world-class business events which mix music, commerce and social networking to create a more vibrant regional community throughout the Southwest. SMBN provides the opportunity for real world collaborations with music and business leaders from around the country through:

  • Monthly Luncheons
  • Seminars
  • Concerts 
  • Weekend Excursions 

Our Monthly Luncheons, held in downtown Tucson restaurants and businesses, give the SMBN an opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals in Southern Arizona, and to utilize the collective wisdom of group members through

  • Business Incubation Sessions allow new business owners to share their business ideas and receive instant feedback to keep their momentum going.
  • Business Tune Ups allow current business owners to share their business status and receive instant feedback on how they can make their business stronger and share leads on new resources and clients.
  • Pro Presentations are designed to allow current businesses to share new initiatives and marketing campaigns to help them get the word out and build new collaborations.

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